Courses & Workshops

Path to the lecture space

Path to the lecture space

Propagation workshop in full flow

Propagation workshop in full flow

Courses & Workshops

For all those who want to add to their gardening skills and spend a social day with other like-minded Green Fingers. Even if you have Black Thumbs, you will leave with new enthusiasm to upgrade your approach to gardening, whatever acreage you command, be it patio or plus. We will be running a full schedule of Courses from the following schedule during the late Summer and Autumn of 2018, in the welcoming and well-equipped purpose built lecture space at our nursery in Ogbourne St. George.

Please contact us with your email details so we may advise on our forthcoming programme of lectures. These will take place from 10.30-3pm, with home-made lunches and everything provided, from aprons to secateurs.


The price of each course is £75 per person, with 10% off the price of all plants purchased from the nursery on the day. Vouchers will be available to cover all our courses - these make a thoughtful and very acceptable present for a special birthday, anniversary or occasion.

Our courses cater for all skill levels, are friendly and provide full involvement at all times. You will be taking home pots of cuttings or seedlings as proof of your new skills, and encouragement to try new ideas and plans for a healthy horticultural future.

The rose garden 

The rose garden 

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Growing from cuttings, division etc

Growing from seed  

Seed saving, growing and aftercare

Cut flowers (arrangement)

designing with flowers and foliage

Cut flowers (growing)

designing and organising a cutting garden


growing and using


Wreaths, Table Decorations and Candles


for containers, garden and naturalising


Flowers and foliage for shady places


Success in hot/dry locations


colour and form for the dark days


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